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Clients say:

★★★★★ "I thought my small business website was really good, but then I asked Alice to take a look at it and she gave me some suggestions to make it really great! Her attention to the smallest details impressed me. Thank you, Alice!"

-Amy Leyden, Kaleidoscope Table Settings

★★★★★ "I recently completed a memoir about my life with my late husband. Emotionally, it was difficult for me to write, and as a result I tended to pack too much information into parts of the story where it really didn't belong. I knew I needed help straightening it out and asked a well-known book consultant for a recommendation of a good editor. She suggested that I talk with Alice Douthwaite of Paper-free Editing.

I did that and soon felt very comfortable with Alice. She and I have now worked through two separate drafts of my manuscript. Each pass greatly improved the text. She deserves an immense amount of credit for the ultimate quality and readability of my forthcoming book, BETTING ON BERNIE, A MEMOIR OF A MARRIAGE.

Over the coming year, I plan to write a novel. When the time comes, I'll call again on Alice. I highly recommend her to other authors, too."

-Martha Marks


"Alice is a meticulous and conscientious copyeditor who works with authors to make sure their text conveys its message in a way that is accessible to readers. She's great with deadlines and a true professional."

-Miranda Darrow of Book MD Editing

★★★★★ "Alice's detailed proofing of my manuscript really helped me add the final polish to my submission. I especially appreciate her ability to point out my inconsistencies in spelling and phrasing, something I didn't even realize."

-J L Wilson, author of Beached

★★★★★ "Alice did a great job of reorganizing and editing our groups Bylaws. Her work is very clear and precise and completed in a timely manner."

-Katie Grove, President, STPC

★★★★★ “Alice gave numerous helpful suggestions and made the formatting consistent across the manuscript. She transformed me from writer to author with a very quick turnaround."
-Dee Dee Kiesow, author of Fundraising in the Post-Pandemic World

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