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Services and Rates

Consistent with the median rates for the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), my rates depend, naturally, on the services your project requires. As the name of my business suggests, I work only with electronic files via email. To start any editing project, I'll check a sample of your work, discuss your goals, create a proposed rate per word, and offer a timeline for completion of my work. Normally, I prefer to do at least two rounds of editing. For example, if you hire me to copyedit, I’ll correct any errors and query any inconsistencies, and I may make suggestions for changes in the margins. After you have addressed my comments and questions, I’ll do another round of editing to proofread for any errors that may have been introduced during the revisions.  

Developmental Editing – Evaluating the Big Picture

After you've submitted a manuscript for evaluation, take a moment to congratulate yourself. Finishing a draft is a huge accomplishment, even if there's still work to do. Depending on the length of your project, from me you’ll receive a 5-10 page single-spaced editorial letter including the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement. In addition, you’ll get the manuscript with comments and questions in the margins.

Line Editing/Copyediting – Checking the Details

The mid-level edit covers grammar, punctuation, diction, spelling, and continuity through the entire work. Although there is a difference between the two types of editing, they overlap enough for me to lump them together. From me, you'll get your project via email with edits and comments using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. 

Proofreading – The Final Polishing

In the most detail-oriented of the levels of editing, I look only for actual errors; the proofreading stage is not the time to make significant changes. (If you hire me to proofread and I find issues that would require rewriting or copyediting, I’ll contact you for instructions about how to proceed.) My usual rate for proofreading is $.02 per word in the document submitted.

Although the cost of having your words copyedited or proofread might seem high, consider the possible negative consequences of presenting a document containing errors or inconsistencies. If you have questions, or if you'd like to schedule with me, please email I look forward to working with you!

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Paper-free Editing reserves the right to change the editing services rates at any time and will honor the rates posted at the time a service is booked and the first payment is made. For more information about my terms of service, please see my Terms page or link to it by clicking the button below. 

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